I Feel Thin

Imagined and headed up by Jennifer Baker our Marketing Director, and joining forces with Spirituality, QOL, and Dietary, WPCR spearheaded a movement to get us moving and to lose a few ounces and then pounds.

For our first of four weigh-ins, Dr. David Smiley Ph D, screened the opening scenes of a documentary that he made in California called “The Inner Weigh.”

The entire documentary will be seen over the period of our four week weigh-ins. Weights were taken and the contest engaged and the winner will look like a glamour star plus they will win a generous gift.

From the outset Dr. Smiley said that we should say words like, “I feel thin” even though we may not be. He taught us that losing weight is an inner matter more than the weight that we see and condemn ourselves for lugging around.

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Aspiring for an A++ Customer Experieince

Sherry Mace, PTA, whom has an undeniable passion for excellent customer experiences and Spiritual Director Larry act up a storm because we both love to perform showing examples of both good and bad customer service in relationship to resident care at our most recent facility All-Staff meeting.

The audience laughed, asked questions, made suggestions, corrected what they saw, and groaned and all of us grew as we saw ourselves in action and how we can aspire to even better service than we already give.

Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain

Earth Huggers

With support from activist, feminist, and self-professed “Tree-Hugger” and all-round great human, Lyndol Michael, in the green shirt, and the Sustainability Officer for the city of Winter Park, Abby Guldon, we discussed what we can do to give this planet a fighting chance to keep on living.

One of the highlights of our colloquy was a short documentary on how womenare building homes out of straw in the western reaches of our country. Instead of blocks, they use compacted bricks of straw to raise a unique house. Fascinating!

I can see myself retiring and building one like that in Arizona. We learned that the average grocery, plastic bag once snagged in a tree can stay in that tree for over twenty years. In addition, we also learned that we can recycle batteries, and most shocking of all that there is an island of plastic and trash almost as big as Texas floating in a slow circle in the Pacific. Furthermore we heard of a whale shark with a keg of nails found in his belly.

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Martin Luther King Day

The humble, Dr. Martin Luther King would have been amazed to see and hear the praise heaped on himself and The Cause yesterday at WPCR. Two Girl scout troops combined and sang a touching rendering of “We Shall Overcome”.

The young and vibrant “Rock Hill Rockers” from a local church danced and won the hearts of the crowd. Operatic Tenor, Arnold Grace sang a song of freedom that shook both the room and the hearts in it. Then we wrapped up the commemoration with a Freedom March in our halls. The halls were clogged with wheelchairs and walkers as we joined together and sang “We Shall Overcome” one more time for the work that is yet to be done.

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Residents and their chaplain worshiped at a Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox church

Two intelligent and adventuresome, residents took a step into the unknown when they along with their chaplain worshiped in a Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox church this past Sunday, which happens to be the worship center for our Medical Director who also comes from Egypt.  The air was thick with incense.  Men sat on the left and veiled women on the right.  Everyone was shoe-less as the congregation chanted and sang to the sound of a tambourines, and triangle. 

 We sampled only one hour of the three hour service during which most of the congregants stood.  The priest and deacons were arrayed in gold, red, and white.  It was another world for us and the residents loved it.  We were greeted warmly and many were eager to answer any question that we had.  And to top it all off our Medical Director treated the residents, one CNA, and myself to lunch at P.F. Chang’s afterwards.  Who would have ever thought that the three of us would ever worship the Lord in a centuries old, west African tradition started by St. Mark himself. Understandably,  I am proud that the residents at WPCR are still exploring, growing, and changing their minds about their world.

 – Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain 

My Present Predicament is Perfect

Those who are mature understand that their present predicament is perfect.
The insightful understand this.

The fix that I am in is the one that will fix me.

God does not throw fast and slow pitches at us so that we can smack them out of the park.  Instead, it seems that all we see are sliders, curves, knuckleballs, and sinkers. And once in a while he even hits us with the ball. (see Job).  And for some reason out of the blue, he occasionally, intentionally walks us.

Life is not soft pitches. Life’s pitches are hard to hit………but they are exactly what we need.

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five commandments that thrill me

Here are five commandments that thrill me.
Five Mt. Everests that I wonder at from afar and aspire to summit before I die.
Five lights on the road to spiritual-emotional maturity.
I wish that I had written them, but I didn’t.  They are found verbatim in David Richo’s book, How to Be an Adult”.

  1. I am perfect here and now and I honor myself as I am.
  2. I am gentle to my inner fears.
  3. I have all the light and skill that I need to take the next step.
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‘International Surf Music Day’ observed at Winter Park Care & Rehab

We rocked to the Beach Boys and danced the Watusi, The Frug, and The Freddy, like it was 1963 for “International Surf Music Day” on Friday the 13th.  We laughed, danced, and ate ice cream as we took pride in the best music that has ever come out of the good ole’ USA…Surf Music.  We also had surf music from the “Beach Men with Too Orange Tans.”

– Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain

The Holy Spirit has flavor!

Juicy kiwi, tart apples, sweet cherries, cold grapes, even olives were joyously consumed during Pentecost this year.  Each fruit represented one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit as the good people of St. Margaret Mary celebrated with patients and stakeholders the joyous arrival on the Holy Spirit with love and fire.  The kiwi which represented Love was the most succulent as the Chaplain sampled generously as he sliced them up as in one slice for me and one slice for you.  Likewise, may we all revel in the gifts of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness and self control that flow like a Florida spring fed river into our hearts.

– Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain

Another friend in high places

Everyone needs a Mother who understands and listens to our pains and says, “Of course.”

After five years of serving as a chaplain in an urban environment and reading some of the Church Fathers and not a few of my own Reformation igniters (I was amazed at the respect that Luther and Zwingli gave to Our Mother), I have slowly begun to look to the Blessed Mary as one to hold my hand when the thunder rumbles and life feels like a high wire dance in the strong wind with no balance pole.

And I am a Protestant, and will probably die as one of the “Protestors”.  Old dogs do not new tricks learn.

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