Residents and their chaplain worshiped at a Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox church

Two intelligent and adventuresome, residents took a step into the unknown when they along with their chaplain worshiped in a Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox church this past Sunday, which happens to be the worship center for our Medical Director who also comes from Egypt.  The air was thick with incense.  Men sat on the left and veiled women on the right.  Everyone was shoe-less as the congregation chanted and sang to the sound of a tambourines, and triangle. 

 We sampled only one hour of the three hour service during which most of the congregants stood.  The priest and deacons were arrayed in gold, red, and white.  It was another world for us and the residents loved it.  We were greeted warmly and many were eager to answer any question that we had.  And to top it all off our Medical Director treated the residents, one CNA, and myself to lunch at P.F. Chang’s afterwards.  Who would have ever thought that the three of us would ever worship the Lord in a centuries old, west African tradition started by St. Mark himself. Understandably,  I am proud that the residents at WPCR are still exploring, growing, and changing their minds about their world.

 – Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain