Martin Luther King Day

The humble, Dr. Martin Luther King would have been amazed to see and hear the praise heaped on himself and The Cause yesterday at WPCR. Two Girl scout troops combined and sang a touching rendering of “We Shall Overcome”.

The young and vibrant “Rock Hill Rockers” from a local church danced and won the hearts of the crowd. Operatic Tenor, Arnold Grace sang a song of freedom that shook both the room and the hearts in it. Then we wrapped up the commemoration with a Freedom March in our halls. The halls were clogged with wheelchairs and walkers as we joined together and sang “We Shall Overcome” one more time for the work that is yet to be done.

All in all, this was our biggest attendance in six years of celebrating Dr. King’s birthday. It just keeps getting better at WPCR!

Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain