I Feel Thin

Imagined and headed up by Jennifer Baker our Marketing Director, and joining forces with Spirituality, QOL, and Dietary, WPCR spearheaded a movement to get us moving and to lose a few ounces and then pounds.

For our first of four weigh-ins, Dr. David Smiley Ph D, screened the opening scenes of a documentary that he made in California called “The Inner Weigh.”

The entire documentary will be seen over the period of our four week weigh-ins. Weights were taken and the contest engaged and the winner will look like a glamour star plus they will win a generous gift.

From the outset Dr. Smiley said that we should say words like, “I feel thin” even though we may not be. He taught us that losing weight is an inner matter more than the weight that we see and condemn ourselves for lugging around.

Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain