five commandments that thrill me

Here are five commandments that thrill me.
Five Mt. Everests that I wonder at from afar and aspire to summit before I die.
Five lights on the road to spiritual-emotional maturity.
I wish that I had written them, but I didn’t.  They are found verbatim in David Richo’s book, How to Be an Adult”.

  1. I am perfect here and now and I honor myself as I am.
  2. I am gentle to my inner fears.
  3. I have all the light and skill that I need to take the next step.
  4. I honor other’s choices.
  5. I love others more as I let go of any sense of obligation toward them.

Every seeker needs commandments for this here-and-now journey.
These frighten and electrify me.

– Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain