Earth Huggers

With support from activist, feminist, and self-professed “Tree-Hugger” and all-round great human, Lyndol Michael, in the green shirt, and the Sustainability Officer for the city of Winter Park, Abby Guldon, we discussed what we can do to give this planet a fighting chance to keep on living.

One of the highlights of our colloquy was a short documentary on how womenare building homes out of straw in the western reaches of our country. Instead of blocks, they use compacted bricks of straw to raise a unique house. Fascinating!

I can see myself retiring and building one like that in Arizona. We learned that the average grocery, plastic bag once snagged in a tree can stay in that tree for over twenty years. In addition, we also learned that we can recycle batteries, and most shocking of all that there is an island of plastic and trash almost as big as Texas floating in a slow circle in the Pacific. Furthermore we heard of a whale shark with a keg of nails found in his belly.

So, we decided anew, to fight for this beautiful blue orb while we still have time. The residents are excited about getting into the fray in a local way.

Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain