Another friend in high places

Everyone needs a Mother who understands and listens to our pains and says, “Of course.”

After five years of serving as a chaplain in an urban environment and reading some of the Church Fathers and not a few of my own Reformation igniters (I was amazed at the respect that Luther and Zwingli gave to Our Mother), I have slowly begun to look to the Blessed Mary as one to hold my hand when the thunder rumbles and life feels like a high wire dance in the strong wind with no balance pole.

And I am a Protestant, and will probably die as one of the “Protestors”.  Old dogs do not new tricks learn.

But for me, Mary reminds me of the gentleness of God.

Do I have all the theology figured out?  No.  I just have another friend in high places.

– Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain