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Thank you for visiting Winter Park Care & Rehabilitation Center. We welcome each of you to come tour our facility or contact us at (931) 388-6443 over any questions you may have!

2014-QAPI-Accreditation-Seal1Winter Park Care & Rehab has received accreditation for 2014 as a skilled nursing facility actively performing Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement activities.

The accreditation, presented by independent accreditor Providigm, LLC, demonstrates that the facility is continually assessing patients’ quality of life with regard to concerns such as pain, dignity, respect for patient choice, and quality of care problems such as whether there are enough staff to meet patient needs, weight loss, infections, rehabilitation following acute injury or illness, and prevention of readmissions to hospital.

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The Huffington Post posted a story about Signature HealthCARE’s resident vacation to Walt Disney World in December 2014. To read the entire article, click here.

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Both sides of the “ghost” question were vigorously debated at Winter Park Care & Rehab, and then the debate was judged by a jury of residents.

One goal of the program was to promote clear and critical thinking among residents of the nursing home.

Participation was high and varied opinions were voiced by staff members and residents. Evidence for the “pro” side was presented by our administrator, Jose Alicea, while the “con” side was defended by Chaplain Larry.

We used our reasoning abilities and thought long and hard. On the “pro” side, notice the two pictures and look for the “orbs.” Chaplain Larry, meanwhile, countered with 25 reasons why ghosts don’t exist. The debate was deftly moderated by Admissions Director Jennifer Baker. The jury of residents decided that the “pro” side won the day and the decision came down in favor of Jose Alicea and his argument for the existence of “spirits.” Chaplain Larry took the resounding defeat in stride as Jose was a gracious victor. We plan to debate other topics in the future and include the residents directly in the debate.

P.S. To see the “orbs,” look carefully to the left in each pic for a circle with a faint pattern in it. One pic was taken in a tunnel, another in a cemetery; both were snapped by Jose.

– Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain


View the SHC 2014 Year In Review

Expansion. Adaptation. Innovation.

These words, in many ways, defined 2014 for Signature HealthCARE. The Revolution brought our total number of locations to 125. We welcomed new centers to the family and took pivotal steps to position SHC as an integrated care network capable of meeting health care needs across the full spectrum of care. We expanded into new business lines while continuing to enhance and invest in existing service offerings.

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A former patient recently sent a very kind letter praising Winter Park Care & Rehab for the experience he had during his stay. See below to read the letter.

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What do you do with two-week-old fruit cake? You throw it as far as you can for prizes, which is exactly what we did yesterday at our first annual Fruit Cake Tossing at WPCR.

The best toss was well over 50 feet, made by one of our residents who hails from Ohio. She is the lady in the sporty black chapeau. All in all, a merry time was had by everyone, and remarkably, we all joined together to eat the balance of the much-maligned holiday dessert at the close of the event.

The Spirituality and Quality of Life departments joined to sponsor and host the event.

– Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain

We are celebrating Advent with a series of lunches on the theme of the arrival of the Lord. Vitas Hospice has provided lunch the past two weeks, and this week we will be eating an all-organic Mediterranean meal dished up by my wife. Vitas chaplain David Huber provided the message last week. These Advent Lunches will continue for two more weeks, and we will renew the luncheon series during Lent.

– Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain

“Advent in the Florida Sun” was celebrated and lead by the second grade youth of St. Margaret Mary School in Winter Park.  Sixty students, moms, dads and residents rejoiced in the Advent of our Lord as we turned our eyes to the coming of the Son of God.

– Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain


This Veterans Day, Signature HealthCARE would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our nation’s military veterans, and those still actively serving. We especially want to thank all of our residents and stakeholders who served our country.

Happy Veterans Day from the Signature family to yours.

Cooking with LoveJust in time for the holiday cooking season, Signature HealthCARE (SHC) has released a cookbook featuring recipes – some generations old – from residents and staff members in its nursing homes.

Titled ‘Cooking with Love,’ the book features a little bit of everything, from appetizers, soups and salads to sides, all-American dishes, ethnic fare, desserts and more. The project began earlier this year in Signature’s Urban Division, with staff members at SHC centers soliciting recipes from residents and contributing their own.

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Here are just a few of the adjectives that a variety of cowboys, and cowgirls used to describe our Western themed Hall Of Fame last night: “warm, amazing, awesome, classy, unbelievable, beautiful, beautiful (that’s right they said it twice), touching, and the best ever”.

The decorated room was packed with 70+ folks making it the biggest crowd that we have had in years.  Emotions flowed like the Colorado River. During the induction ceremony every one was a “pardner” to all as the assembly corralled up, visited, hugged, laughed, and ate some of the best grub that Orlando has to offer. This took place for about an hour after the ceremony had ended.

When you look at a Hall Of Fame ceremony done with class, you need to look no further than our Administrator Jose, QOL Director Dollene, and Dietary Manager “Campfire Cookie” Evelyn, and too the many other volunteers and Stakeholders at WPCR who  bring the event  together.  In my five years of Hall of Fame this was the ”rootin, tootinest, wee-doggiest” best ever ceremony.

- Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain